POLL - coffeemania

Something happens to me during my pregnancy.
I forget my resolution never to make something that can be bad for the baby, forget my goal to be slim (in 2009), 

(do you know how many calories you consume each time you go to Starbucks?
A Starbucks Cappuccino prepared with nonfat milk, about 100 calories (with whole milk is 150 calories). A regular cafe latte has 260 calories, while a caffe mocha has a whopping 400 calories.
Get the calorie count for your favorite Starbucks drink.)
and I find myself standing in the line to pay two hundred roubles and some odd change for a grande Latte in Starbucks.
(as you can guess Caffé Latte is my favourite coffee drink among all, and it would be interesting to see which one do you like through the poll below. You can visit Lokesh Dhakar blog to find some useful information about some of the small coffee drinks differences.)
But it's not the only coffee house that I visit to satisfy my addiction.
Another great and definitely more pleasant place is Coffeemania (on Bolshaya Nikitskaya (inside) or Komsomolsky prospect (outside or take-away)).
Who will win in the battle Coffeemania kofemania.gif vs starbucks.gif Starbucks? Both places are handy, if you ask me, and sell coffee, but that’s really where the similarity ends. Starbucks wants to be the ‘3rd place’ in your life, after your house and your office. They create a ‘living room’ atmosphere, and it works.
Coffeemania proceed further and become a combo of cake shop, café and restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has better coffee, but is more expensive.
Consequently, I usually go to one of these places depending on my (or my companion) hunger or what is on my way, and as both of them are offering really good coffee in Moscow I’ll keep going back.

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