Yesterday was my first visit to London. Actually, a purpose was to visit the Tate Modern and "Dali & Film" in it as well. The exhibition aims to show he was immersed in the cinema and worked on numerous film projects, how it became one of the media in which he tested and explored the distinctive imagery and ideas of his paintings, and how a lifetime of cinema-going infused his paintings.
There was several magnificent paintings to make this a better than average exhibition with ‘The persistence of memory’ and ‘Sleep’ among the best. Furthermore, those images alone is worth the visit, even for £11.
Moreover, I didn't expect to be delighted with 'Spectre of Sex Appeal', there is a young boy looking up fascinated by the pieces of sticks which are holding up a body. Sex appeal is placed on a pedestal and this image signifies the ultimate desire for human beings. Perfect!
In conclusion, influenced by 'Babaouo', I finally understood how my summer project book will look like.


  1. Anonymous said...
    If this is your English, then it's really not bad at all :) I like your choice of vocabulary :) NR
    Julia V. K. said...
    Oxford Thesaurus is best choice for learners like me. :) Besides, it's below the average. By this I mean that my writing takes me almost twice more time in comparison with others. :(
    tutu said...
    stop worrying about your english, i was worrying about it too much and ended up with a complex - i couldn't speak to english people. then i've realized it just takes some time to get used to, and i can tell you it feels much better and freer now, even if my english hasn't changed at all!

    by the way, i've really enjoyed this exhibition as well, but i think i've paid less than 11 pounds for a joined student ticket... i didn't know Dali was so much captivated by film-making, and i think his surreal movies are just great... i also liked the surrealistic photographs he was art-directing (made in collaboration with the photographer i forgot the name of)...

    what's your summer project gonna be about? mine is called 'lost summer', but i haven't decided on ita execution yet.

    sorry for writing in english - i've just thought it'd be a great practice for both of us ;))

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